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Good morning! (Or evening… Or 2:00am go to bed what are you doing?)

Anyway, hi! I’m Jess! If you’re here from my regular blog (siriuslyacciopadfoot) or my Twitter (JessFitzi) hooray for outsourcing (in a blog sense…) and thank you!

So my goal: I don’t want everyone in the world to be vegan. That’s just absurd. What I do want, is everyone to be healthy. Not that I think this Tumblr is going to make the world healthy, but what can it hurt, yeah? Also maybe you’ll laugh sometimes? Maybe? No? Well, at least I tried. Moving on.

For anyone who cares: I’ve been a vegan/Vegetarian/Pescatarian on and off since I was twelve (so seven years). I originally became a vegetarian at twelve, because my older sister became one. I ended up being undernourished and anemic, because I was kind of stupid and refused to eat, you know, anything healthy and with protein. So I started eating meat again for a couple of years and at fourteen decided to cut out dairy, when I found out I was allergic. At fifteen, after almost a year without dairy, I decided to cut out meat/eggs as well. I was a full on vegan for a little over a year, but the stress of high school, relationships, and ACT scores got to me. And hey come on, who doesn’t want pizza after studying for nine straight hours? So I went back and forth for awhile, but decided I really can’t call myself an environmentalist, while simultaneously eating something from an animal. That’s kind of weird, right? 

I do a lot of things: FYI: Transferring Universities is hard, I wouldn’t recommend it. So I’m in the process of transferring from my current college- a University of Wisconsin school- to a Liberal Arts school, and let me tell you: HELLO STRESS. I also write for 2nd First Look, and am in the middle of writing a novel, so I’m not completely sure yet how often I’ll be on this particular blog, but I’m hoping for at least one or two posts per day. 

Cooking is fun: I’ll post a lot of recipes that I either found or created, along with tips for people that are new to this, or people that just want to talk about it and get other opinions. I’ll also talk about certain substitutions I’ve found that I like and my favorite dairy free brands and such. So, that’s something to look forward to. I guess… Are you excited yet? Good.

Wow I ramble a lot: I write a lot of things. Generally words. Sorry if I rumble or rant about things. I’ll bow out for the evening, seeing as how it’s midnight and I have class in the morning. Oops. 

Thank you for any support on this blog or others and questions or suggestions are totally welcome! In the meantime, look at this cat… It’s in a teacup: